7 Fatal Mistakes People Make…

Sending Them to Divorce Court and
Costing Them Thousands of Dollars!!

#1  Love is just an emotion – when it’s gone, it’s gone

– Love is not the foundation of a relationship. It is the starting point, not the destination, but an integral part in building a lifetime relationship. Love fuels the fire, and when you act in loving ways, you keep the fire burning vibrantly. If you stop tending to your spouse’s needs, your marriage will slowly burn out. Act in loving ways to ensure your spouse feels deeply loved.

#2  Romantic feelings are the foundation of marriage

– Infatuation and erotic love is great but can be fleeting. Deep, abiding love is what leads to a long and successful marriage. You choose to love your partner every day, day after day, no matter what happens. Every day, you “do” love.

#3  Marriage should not be this hard

– You assume that good marriage is piece of cake, no struggle, little or no arguments. Wrong! Remember that when you struggle together, you strengthen the skills needed to take on additional struggles together. Challenges in marriage make each of you stronger and creates learning opportunities for you to function better as a team in life.

#4  It’s all my partner’s fault

– It is always easier to point fingers at your partner than take any responsibility yourself. Blame feels good in the short-term, but in the long-term blame can be the fastest route to divorce. Blame is a way to avoid looking at yourself seriously and clearly.

#5  I don’t need to change the way I think

– Albert Einstein said “the significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” You have preconceived notions about why your marriage is in the state it is. If you want to improve things, you must think differently. You cannot change anyone but yourself. You are responsible for working on you and your partner is responsible for working on him or herself.

#6  Everything will work itself out – I don’t need to do anything

– It’s potentially this way of thinking that has reduced your marriage to rubble. More time will only layer on more pain, resentment and disrespect. You need to understand what led your relationship to where it is and act every day to execute the resolutions. Time is not on your side. Act now!

#7  My marriage is fine just the way it is – until it isn’t

– So often you ignore the signs of your marriage decaying, until it is in ruins and you don’t see a way back to the love you once felt. You neglect your spouse or are oblivious to the fact that your spouse is just about “done” until it is too late. Then you have a wakeup call…

Take The First Step

Carine is awesome. I’ve learned so much about myself and my marriage because of her program. Her program has been such a blessing in my life. I’m sure that it was divine intervention that I found her page on FB. It was a hard road but due to her guidance, teachings and my willingness to change the things I had to change, my marriage is on the road to recovery.
My husband was ready to leave our family. I had almost given up hope and I did this program as a last resort. Now my husband is back home and we have started the restoration process. I’m working to have a better marriage.

Magda B.

You were very helpful in getting me to move on from the story I kept telling myself. You called me out on my BS and challenged my ways of thinking. You helped me see the issues we are dealing with from a different perspective. You truly have your heart in your work….you care about the people you work with and it shows! You provide logical reasoning at a time when that can be hard! You came on my Facebook page at just the right time! God works in very funny ways! Thanks for your continued guidance and support. I look forward to your continued help.

Kelly O.

Carine has a bright and optimistic attitude and has the ability to take any negative situation and see an opportunity for growth. I feel comfortable talking with Carine because I know she speaks from experience and she’s never judgmental. She’s very good at meeting you where you are and working forward from there. The most important lesson I’ve learned from Carine is to listen to my own intuition and to pay attention to what’s happening around me. I’ve learned that many times we miss important things because we’re too caught up in the moment and miss the bigger picture, or maybe even opportunities. Carine cares deeply about inspiring others to live their lives to the fullest and she personally applies her skills and knowledge to her own life. As a Life Coach, she is always prepared and highly responsive. Helping and encouraging others is clearly her passion and I consider her such a blessing in my life.

Aymie B.

I put into place some of the things we talked about yesterday. Last night was the first time in a long time we spent time together and were both happy. Made him breakfast to send him off to work this morning. I honestly feel like I can see the dark clouds that’s been over us letting light in. I’m excited to see where this all leads. Thank you so much. I know we have a ton of work to do but for the first time in over a year we didn’t have the storm cloud following us around the last 24 hours.

Nicole S., After just one session

“Thanks Carine. I had several phone conversations and in person visits with my wife today….four total! They were all so positive. All logistical in nature but refreshing to say the least. I saw a glimpse of the old her…..hummmmm!”

Jim B., After Just 2 weeks in the program

“…yes I definitely know how to work with my tools now when it comes to fixing or finding solutions to our problems. You have no idea what an impact you’ve made on my marriage since the first time you and I talked. You changed things for the better in more ways than 3 on my end. I just want to say thank you for that! I appreciate you letting me know that you are there for me. It’s not easy opening up to just anyone. So I appreciate that more than you can imagine.”